Princeton Perfume Company (PPC) is a NJ-local, handcrafted fragrance manufacturer that places the utmost importance on product quality. What’s more, the company leaders understand how beautiful fragrances build community, build memories, and build trust. Princeton Perfume Company strives to make candles and perfumes for our community of friends, family, and lovers to make lasting memories together with the scents of PPC.


Who Knew Corporate Branding Could Smell So Good

If you ever walked past a baker or your favorite salon, there might be a fantastic fragrance that you always think of. This can be applied to all businesses, or even as you build your signature brand. Find out more how we can work with you to create a custom essential oil or candle blend that is unique just to you.

Essential Oils to Refresh Your Days

We are proud to bring blends of Essential Oils to you, your family and your local work environment. Find out how we can help you create a healthy working environment with your own signature essential blend.



“Princeton Perfume candles are luxurious, sophisticated and richly fragranced, and arrive beautifully packaged.

The red velvet rose scent is especially authentic and instantly transported me to my childhood rose garden, and memories of my mother baking pastries with rose water.

It’s the realest rose fragrance I’ve smelled as an adult and I loved it so much that I sent this candle as a gift to my friend who loves roses (it’s her namesake), along with the fine fragrance. She lit the candle as soon as she received it and was very happy with the scent and how the package arrived (limited edition hand painted glass).

Your home will smell like you have an elegant bouquet of fresh, fragrant roses hidden in the next room. It’s an incredible fragrance and candle. I highly recommend the entire product line!”

–Anonymous Etsy buyer.




We are particularly grateful for the support we have received from our exclusive partners. Please visit them and find PPC candles and perfumes in stock. If you are interested in stocking PPC candles and perfumes in your location or on your e-commerce website, please contact us today.