My life journey has been made of many stories.

I grew up in Uganda, Africa, spent my teenage and working years in the UK, and now I live in the USA, happily married with my wife and our two young adult boys. Some experiences have brought sadness whilst many have been bright happy memories. All these memories have all helped shape my story.

The inspiration for Princeton Perfume Company (PPC) comes from one of these memorable experiences….

My wife, Bal, and I were married in small village called Guildford in the UK. The sun shone brightly that morning, which is unusual for an autumn day in the UK. Our wedding was an intimate affair, with just our families and a few close friends.

The first time I saw Bal that day, she took my breath away. I gave her a hug and a kiss and whispered in her ear that she looked absolutely stunning. I distinctly remember the fragrance she wore, a perfume called Eternity, with notes of rose, violet, and carnation. The scent was embedded in my memory and my heart forever.

To this day, that fragrance is a time machine that transports me to our wedding day. It brings back the feeling that came over me when I saw Bal and whispered in her ear.

Perfume is my passion because I love the memories it can invoke in people.

For more than 30 years, I worked for several of the top perfume companies in the world, developing iconic scents for major brands in cosmetics, home care and fine fragrances.

I founded PPC in Princeton, NJ because I want everybody and their loved ones to feel what I feel every time Bal wears that special fragrance. I’ve personally overseen the development of several unique scents that are only available through our website and through select boutiques & specialist retail outlets.

For weddings, Brides-to-be typically spend hours choosing a dress, flowers, a reception hall, food and music, but then settle for mass-produced perfume. I encourage you to choose one of our truly special fragrances to first help you create magical memories, and then bring you back to your special day for years to come. Our clientele has expanded past only Weddings to personal gifts, customized gift packages, event sponsorships, and much more. These scented products for gifting and for other special occasions will ensure that you can treasure these moments for life long memories.

Thank you so much for exploring PPC. My wish is that our fragrances bring you as much joy as my wife’s fragrance from our wedding day continues to bring me.

Sevi Adat